Trademarks constitute one of the most valuable branding badges. This is how your company distinguishes itself from other competitors in the marketplace. Trademarks are just one of the many ways a company creates goodwill, branding and recognition. Protection of your trademarks, by registration, can enhance your businesses’ enforcement rights, in the business world. English common law countries fiercely protect the rights of trademark asset holders traditionally.


  • Determining your trademarks availability and whether it can be registered, is just one of the many things a lawyer will do. Trademarks can include trademarks for wares and services, trademark certification marks, or official marks, like distinguishing guises (trade dress). Last, your solicitor, barrister, lawyer or attorney would assist in the preparation and court enforcement of mark applications, for registered trademark rights in the USA, Ghana, Falkland Islands, Canada and in other English Common law countries, through foreign lawyers.
  • Trademark counseling includes typically, advice as to use and enforcement of trademarks, which can encompass court room opposition proceedings, or even trade mark expungement hearings and hearings over the trademark rights of distant third parties.

Let us assist you in locating at excellent attorney to protect your valuable trademarks by registration and, if necessary, enforcement. Just click our business listings and see if you can find an experienced lawyer for your case.

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