Patents and Trade Secrets

Patents protect material progress, it can be an improvement, small, or large, or it could be a pioneering technology.  Patent law encompasses the ingenuity that powers humanity in his never ending quest for security, both emotional, and financial.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Goethe (1749-1832)

For a victim who has already decided to pursue a U.S., Canadian, or UK patent application, the actions would entail filing a corresponding patent application in the country your selling your product, for example, like the USA, or Canada.

The best patent lawyers will understand Trade Secrets.  Your lawyers will  know how to protect confidential information, which constitutes potentially valuable secrets and important tools for business enterprises to succeed to troubled economic times.

Patents & Trade Secrets


  • This law in most common law countries, includes advising as to the patent-ability of an applicant’s inventions, preparing, and arguing/litigation of patent applications, both in the USA, Ghana, the Falkland Islands, Canada and other countries, typically via foreign associate counselors.
  • You will probably want patent counseling to see whether it is a valid request, to see if there is an infringement of patents/ If so, you may need to pursue international enforcement of patents through litigation.
  • Our free resources are designed to assist you in acquiring patent rights protection. This can help you protecting, non compete clauses, trade secrets and, enforcing your patent rights under patents laws.

Trade Secrets

  • Legal counsel is a necessary part in the protection of your valuable trade secrets. Typically, it can help you set up safeguards, procedures and other in house systems to protect your valuable trade secrets from disclosure and to avoid claims of misappropriation by others you may or may not have contracts with.
  • The very best and brightest legal counsel for both employers and employees with respect to their prospective legal rights, duties and obligations to protect intellectual property and related legal protections and rights.

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