Significant Number of Drivers On Road Without Any Type of Auto Insurance Pose Risk To Themselves & Others

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By Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm, P.C. As a California trial attorney, who represents families coping with a serious injury or fatality in an auto accident, one of the more difficult parts of my job is explaining to a family that they may never recover any type of compensation even though their accident may have been caused by another person. A look of shock and disbelief quickly takes hold of a family when they learn that their unfortunate circumstance of getting involved in an auto accident may have just gotten worse when their is no avenue for recovery.

“But doesn’t the person who hit me need to carry car insurance?” inquire many clients. California, like most states has legislated to require drivers to carry liability insurance (in CA, drivers must have liability insurance of $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident). Unfortunately, the reality is that when you are out driving or even out crossing a the street, there are quite a few people sharing the roads with you that ignore the law and are driving are ‘uninsured’. Not only do they put their own financial well-being at risk by not having insurance to cover their vehicle or any injuries they might sustain, they also negligently put those who may be harmed by an accident they cause at risk of financial casualty.

Number Of Drivers Without Liability Insurance

I recently discussed the seemingly expanding problem of un-insured drivers with attorney Jonathan Rosenfeld of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers who echoes my frustration when it comes to the number of drivers who ignore their financial obligations and take to the streets without insurance on their vehicle. Rosenfeld is an Illinois lawyer and handles auto accident cases on behalf of Chicagoians involved in car accidents with uninsured motorists, shared a study on the topic with me from the Insurance Research Council (IRC), an independent nonprofit organization that does research work for the property-casualty insurance business.

Alarmingly, almost 14% or one out of seven drivers on the roads today has no insurance. Putting this number into context, for most people on a busy highway or street that dozens of vehicles are within your line of vision at any given moment, this means that you are sharing the immediate area with up to 4-5 drivers at any given moment! The rates have seemed to increase since the early 2000’s, thought to be linked to the increase in unemployment rates and the financial instability in the country that hit in 2008 and continue to impact many areas through the present time.

The financial toll is great on both individuals and the insurance companies. Those who have uninsured motorist coverage through their own insurance can have their damages covered if hit by an uninsured driver, however that cost is reflected in larger insurance premiums for everyone. In 2007, there was an estimated $10.8 billion in damages caused by uninsured motorists reported by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. For those without the coverage, the financial burden is on them to pay for injuries and damages out of their own pocket.

Importance Of Uninsured Motorist Coverage For Everyone

For anyone driving without uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage, these statistics should be an eye-opener and inspire you to make arrangements for additional insurance coverage. In most cases the premium for this extra coverage is minimal yet not having this coverage may cost you plenty. If you are in an accident with another driver and they do not have insurance, you may find yourself out a vehicle and paying medical bills as well as other expenses yourself.

Uninsured motorist (UM) coverage will cover damages that are inflicted by another driver without insurance or in the case of a hit-and-run accident (for more discussion look here). It may even cover you when you are not driving and are hit by a driver when walking or riding a bike and the person does not have insurance or flees the scene. Under-insured (UIM) coverage bolsters the amount covered in case of an expensive accident where the at-fault person’s coverage is not enough to pay for all the damages.

The best protection against these unlawful and irresponsible drivers on the road is to insure yourself. It may not be fair to have to pay more to be covered when it is another driver’s fault, however, life is not always fair. It is better to be safe than sorry, they always say, and this is no exception.

Uninsured motorist statistics and resources:

Dealing With Road Traffic Accidents

Sir James

Jim Loxley. A fighter like Sir William Wallace!

By: Jim Loxley. Road traffic accidents are one of those things we all hope never happens to us. Going through such an experience can be an extremely traumatising one, even if it’s just a mild bumper-to-bumper shunt. Even such a relatively minor road trafficaccident can cause considerable loss of both time and money, not to mention personal injury. If you’ve suffered as a result of someone else’s negligent driving then it’s common to consider a road traffic accident claim as a course of action.

However, as this is a legal process, meaning many questions are raised. This article will either help you know what to do in the incidence that a road traffic accident happens to you in the future or will help you to gather information if one happened in the past and you’re considering making a compensation claim. Remember that not all of these tips must be completed for a successful claim as even one of them will help.

Staying Calm

Staying calm is one of the most counterintuitive reactions to a road traffic accident situation. However, knowing that this is important now will help you to stay calm if one happens in the future. You’ll be able to be of more effective use to those around you, including anyone that needs your help. Furthermore, it will also aid your case later on. Losing your temper and becoming angry, will not help your case later in court.

Calling the Emergency Services

The first step will help you with this second one. The second thing to do is to call the emergency services. If you’re calm, you’ll be able to do this effectively and ensure that the necessary services get deployed to the scene of the road traffic accident quickly.

Help Those That Need It

Only when the emergency services are on their way should you attempt to help others at the scene. When the emergency services do arrive, ensure that you help them as much as possible and make a note of the name and officer number of the policewoman or policeman who is taking care of the scene of the road accident.

Swapping Insurance Information

Only when these three tasks are complete should you look to exchange the insurance policy numbers of vehicles involved. If it was a serious accident, make sure that you take the policy numbers of all vehicles involved and also the license plates. A license plate number will help significantly in ensuring a quick and easy road traffic accident claim.

Photographic Evidence of the Scene

Having photographic evidence of the scene of the traffic accident will help enormously in a court case later on. Not all types of evidence make the same kind of contribution in the view of the courts and photographic evidence is one of the strongest types. Use your cell phone to take as many pictures of the scene as possible. It’s better to have too many photos rather than too little, so take plenty. Emailing photos to yourself is a great way to store them securely so you know you won’t lose them.

Eyewitnesses at the Scene

Also in the heavy-hitting types of evidence are eyewitnesses. If anybody saw the road traffic accident happen, then politely ask them if they mind acting as a witness. Swap emails, phone numbers and names with the person and make sure to thank them for their help. They’re doing you a huge favour.

Always use personal injury experts

Lastly, get in touch with a professional which deals with road traffic accident claims every day. Getting in touch with such a specialist legal team for any particular type of legal action will maximize your chances of a successful venture so avoid general practitioners. Jim Loxley is a Director at My Compensation, a traffic accident specialist based in London, UK.


So you have an idea for an invention that may completely change the market and you want to make sure no one steals it.  First however you need to distinguish if you merely have a conceptual idea, or a thorough thought out invention that you are capable of fully describing in detail.  If you are the latter, then you may very likely be able to move forward with the patenting process.  The reason is that general vague conceptual ideas are not patentable.

So if you have actually developed the invention such as a prototype, that is even better.  Your next step would be to seek out an experienced Los Angeles patent lawyer licensed with the state and registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) who can guide you through the patenting process. You will ultimately need to discuss the invention to the patent attorney so he can make a determination of what type of patent is appropriate.  Your application could be either be a Utility, Design, Plant, or Provisional Application, depending on various factors.

A.      The First Step:  Conducting a Patent Search

In order to determine whether your invention has already been patented, a patentability/novelty search through a patent attorney is highly recommended, to determine whether or not it is advisable to move forward with a patent application. If it is determined that an application has already been filed for the same or very similar invention, you will save thousands of dollars and time by not pursuing the application. However, in other cases, your invention may be different enough from the prior art such that moving forward with a patent application would be a wise move.  In addition to a determination of patentability, the search results can provide additional relevant information that could be of interest.

B.     The Second Step: Filing your Application and the Patent Process

If the invention is patentable, drafting an application is the next step. The turn-around time and legal fees will vary depending on the technology and complexity of the subject matter.

After your application is filed, approximately 8 months to 16 months or later, the patent examiner at the USPTO will issue an Office Action either accepting or rejecting the application. Typically the examiner will require various changes in the application. In other circumstances, substantive arguments must be prepared to overcome the examiner’s rejections. Only upon a successful response by your Los Angeles patent attorney to the examiner’s office action will the application issue. Immediately upon the filing of the application, it is appropriate to place the terms “patent pending” on the invention as warning to others. This marking may serve as notice to potential infringers who copy the invention that they may be liable for damages once the patent is issued.

Note: to protect the look of the invention rather than the functionality (the way it works), then a “design patent”, rather than a “utility patent” may be more appropriate.  Design patents tend to be less involved compared to utility patents.

Cohen IP Law Group, P.C. is a full service intellectual property law firm located in Los Angeles, California specializing in patent, trademark, copyright, business and Internet transactions and litigation.

Car Auto Accident Lawyer Personal Injury Nexus

In difficult economic times, the last thing anyone needs is to be burdened by medical bills, lost wages, or even an inability to work. However, these are common results of auto accidents that are caused by negligent parties that refuse to pay the victim’s medical bills. While this may seem uncommon, this scenario plays out daily after major accidents in California cities. While the negligent party might have all intentions of paying, the payments are ultimately the responsibility of their insurance company, or the victim’s insurance company. Cr auto accident lawyer personal injury nexus starts with great Los Angeles private attorneys. Insurance companies are woefully reluctant to pay more than what they feel is best for the victim – never mind the victim’s actual needs! To protect themselves from medical neglect and financial ruin, many victims of car accidents hire an auto accident lawyer to protect themselves, help them receive appropriate medical care, and ultimately win a settlement to cover their past and future losses due to the accident.

What makes car crash victims hire auto accident attorneys? The answer is simple: auto accident attorneys offer the victims of car crashes a number of benefits at a worthwhile cost, often no out of pocket expense. Some such benefits include the following:

  • No waiting for important medical testing and care.
  • No wrangling with insurance companies over which procedures are necessary.
  • Repayment of even non-medical losses related to the accident.
  • Protection from the other side’s aggressive insurance agency and attorneys.
  • Protection from the other side turning the blame, and thus costs of all of the car crash participants, onto the victim instead of the negligent party.
  • Protection to one’s rights to recompense for all losses, not just those convenient to the insurance agency.
  • Accountability and authenticity in court as the victim’s needs are represented.
  • A panel of experts and resources that lend help and evidence to the victim’s case.
  • Less frustration, as the victim no longer needs to do all the paperwork himself.
  • More financial security for the family, as the victim is not saddled with the expenses.
  • A high rate of success in court if using a qualified and successful attorney.
  • Much greater settlement awards, resulting in long term protection for the victim and his family.

The auto accident lawyer can offer car crash victims earlier and more thorough medical testing and care because they do not rely on the insurance agencies to call the shots. After all, shouldn’t medical experts be deciding what is best for an injured victim rather than an insurance worker? With his own medical expert resources, a qualified auto accident attorney can advise the car accident victim on all the testing needed, whether tests or treatments are being neglected, and facilitate that care before the other party pays. That same team of experts will know, better than insurance clerks, what long term care a victim needs and plan for that in the final settlement.

In court, there is no better protection for a victim under siege than a successful auto accident lawyer who specializes in car crash victims. He knows the workings of insurance companies, the court, the other attorneys, and is able to fight all of these other forces for the sake of the victim. With his help, the case of the victim will be undeniable to the court, and the insurance companies will be more likely to pay full recompense rather than shorting the victim.

In the end, cases with the help of experienced auto accident lawyers are shown to be more successful with higher settlement amounts. Most of the best car auto accident lawyer firms are paid on a contingency fee basis because they have the confidence in your case and their experience to know that they can wait until the larger settlement is awarded, with their help, before collecting their fees. They do not want to put more of a burden on the victim, but only to protect the victim and their families from exploitation and financial ruin. Considering the costs are so low and the rewards are so high, the victim of a car collision can hardly afford to be without an auto accident lawyer.

If you or your loved one is in need of a successful and experienced auto accident lawyer, Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm, PC, is here to help. Michael Ehline, a Marine, has the drive, knowledge, and ethics it takes to protect the innocent victim. His offices are located throughout California for the convenience of the victim and their families. If you want the type of protection that only the best can provide, feel free to call today at 1-888-400-9721.

DUI South L.A. 110 Freeway Collision Turns into Fiery Death for Disabled Motorist

September 4, 2011 – According to reports, there was a man burned to death in South Los Angeles 110 Freeway DUI crash, when an alleged drunk driver caused a collision that turned into a fiery death for a disabled motorist. According to the California Highway Patrol an 18 year old driver of a Smart Car caused a collision that resulted in the death of a 44 year old Paramount man. The collision occurred at approximately 2:40 a.m. on the 110 Freeway, when the 18 year old driver swerved across the solid white line, when a car slowed down in front of him.

The Smart Car driver struck the back of a 1971 Monte Carlo that was on the shoulder, causing it to strike the three occupants of the vehicle that were standing outside of the car after it broke down. A 44 year old man from the Monte Carlo became trapped under the vehicle, where he burned to death when both vehicles burst into flames from the impact, according to the California Highway Patrol officials.

The two other men that were injured included a 47 year old man from Wilmington that paramedics transported to USC Medical Center, where he was listed in critical condition with burns to his face and arms, and a broken pelvis. The other man identified as a 19 year old from Compton, complained of pain in both legs and was transported by paramedics to California Hospital Medical Center.

According to the California Highway Patrol the 18 year old driver of the Smart Car was arrested at the scene of the crash on suspicion of driving under the influence and second degree murder. California Highway Patrol officials stated the teen was booked at the LAPD Parker Center. The teen driver sustained an abrasion to his shoulder from the seatbelt and refused to be transported to the hospital for medical treatment.

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Jeopardy Is Not a Game on Cruise Ships for Passengers!

Jeopardy is not a game on cruise ships for passengers; it is where passengers are placed when they buy a ticket to take a cruise. The reason passengers are placed in jeopardy, is because there are both hidden dangers and obvious dangers when taking a cruise. The obvious dangers of course is that passengers do not have background checks done, which means it is entirely possible to be on board ship stranger that is actually looking for the right person to sexually assault.

The hidden dangers can be in the lack of maintenance that is done by the crew members that can cause injuries to unsuspecting passengers. Passengers do not want know this, what they want to know are the ports the ship will stop at, the activities onboard and the entertainment. The last thing the person buying a ticket for a cruise will think about is the dangers that could await them.

Sexual assaults have become so prevalent on cruise ships that Congress enacted new legislation to protect cruise ship passengers rights after a sexual assault or rape. Most people deciding to take a cruise have no idea that this is a problem aboard cruise ships and one that could affect the rest of their lives.  Cruise ships only leave from certain ports and Los Angeles is one of the largest ports, which means that the person that is a resident of Newport Beach will leave from this port when they embark on their cruise.

When an injury or a sexual assault occurs aboard the ship they will have their rights best protected by the Newport Beach cruise ship attorney personal injury firm. This attorney will have a complete knowledge of the laws that protect the cruise ship passenger and they will also have the necessary resources that will be needed to hold the cruise line accountable for their negligence in protecting the passenger.

The passenger that has been injured or sexually assaulted is in no shape to protect their own rights and they do not have the knowledge or resources that will be necessary to go up against the cruise line attorneys. There is also another problem that the passenger will have no knowledge when injured or sexually assaulted and that is the fact the cruise ship will not be registered in this country, which means it carries a flag from the country it is registered in an follows their laws.

Driver in 18 Year Old’s Death Arrested

April 5, 2011 – According to reports the driver involved in the death of an 18 year old has been arrested.

According to the California Highway Patrol the 24 year old driver of a Honda Civic that struck a 2001 Chevrolet Camaro Saturday night has been arrested. She is identified as Ashley Bryan of Highland and was arrested Sunday after causing the death of 18 year old Cameron Cook for suspicion of driving under the influence.  This is typical of the cases that a wrongful death law attorney takes on to assist surviving family members.

According to California Highway Patrol Officer Devon Boatman the accident occurred at approximately 11:40 a.m. Vescio and passenger Cameron Cook were involved in a solo traffic collision on traveling north on the 57 Freeway in the vicinity south of Katella Avenue at a speed of between 65 and 70 mph. the Camaro spun and came to rest facing north on the right shoulder partially blocking the No. 5 lane.

Vescio and Cook exited the disabled vehicle, but Vescio returned to put on the emergency lights when Bryan traveling north on the 57 Freeway in a Honda Civic struck the front left side of the Camaro. The impact of the crash caused the vehicle to be pushed to the right striking Cook causing him to be pushed backward over the overpass railing.

According to the coroner’s office, Cook was transported to UCI Medical Center in Orange where he died at 5:08 a.m. Sunday.  According to Officer Boatman, Bryan is facing a felony charge of gross vehicular manslaughter and a felony charge for driving under the influence. She is being held in custody at the Orange County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Contributing Factors in Riverside Car Crashes

There are many factors in an auto accident, driver negligence is the top reason, weather can be a contributing factor, speed, traffic backups and roadway conditions. These contributing factors in Riverside car crashes lead to serious injuries in many collisions. Drivers that are on the highways everyday put themselves in danger of being involved in a collision and this can result in injuries.

The contributing factors in Riverside car crashes often are due to drivers that are negligent in switching lanes and other driving errors.  Talking on cell phones or texting, even though this is against the rules for drivers, they often still ignore these laws. This is when car accidents can happen and these collisions can be extremely serious, with major injuries.

The injuries that are sustained in a car accident on the freeways of Riverside can range from cuts and scrapes to more serious injuries like traumatic head injuries, spinal injuries and broken bones. These injuries can take weeks or even months to heal, which during this time it will be impossible to work and that can create a financial strain. Not only is there a financial strain from lots of work, but also due to mounting hospital bills, doctor bills, surgeries and therapy. In some cases the car accident victim may never heal completely and this can require daily nursing care, ongoing medical care and the inability to ever return to work.

Contributing factors in Riverside car crashes, when they are due to the negligence of another driver, means that they can be held responsible for negligent actions. The best way for the car accident victim to hold negligent driver responsible, is with the representation of experience in Riverside car accident attorney. I did a search online and found this great Riverside car accident attorney.

I discovered that car accident attorneys are basically what is known as a personal injury esq.  The place I did a web search for, was Ehline Law Firm PC. I found the address in local search here: 633 W 5th St #2890, California 90071. They seem to know the roadways in Riverside and also have a complete knowledge of the laws that apply to car accidents. This is the one way to get a proper settlement from the other driver’s insurance company after being involved in a collision, because the car accident attorney will stand up against the insurance company attorneys that will be fighting to avoid paying a compensation settlement for the injuries, ongoing medical care and other damages.

This is why being represented by a car accident attorney is important in order to recover fair compensation after an accident caused by a negligent driver, it is not just a matter of dealing with an insurance company, they have adjustors and attorneys protecting them from having to pay out on claims.

When an Airplane Crash Happens Due to Pilot Error it can be Devastating

When an airplane crash happens due to pilot error it can be devastating, because plane crashes often involve a large amount of fatalities and injuries. Many people believe they are safer in the air than on the road and while this might be true when statistically compared, but there are more plane crashes than people realize. These plane accidents can occur for a variety of reasons and pilot error is included.

Flying is so much faster than traveling by train, bus or car that it is a choice for work related travel and for vacations. When traveling by plane the passengers’ very life is in the hands of the pilot, because when an airplane is involved in an accident it is often deadly to most or all of the people on the plane. When an airplane crash happens due to pilot error it can be devastating and even though technology has made planes easier for the pilot to handle there are still plane crashes, in which the pilot made an error, whether intentional or unintentional. Pilot errors can even include flying in dangerous weather patterns, improper landing, making bad decisions or not checking for air traffic.

Large airplanes are not the only crafts that can crash, smaller airplanes are just as dangerous to crash in, even more so in some cases. The pilots for these planes might not have the type of training that the pilot from a larger plane has, which helps to ensure the passengers safety if there is a weather or mechanical emergency.

Airplane accidents can happen in any city that has an airport, which means it can also include Long Beach Municipal Airport.  After a devastating plane crash the injured victim or the family of a passenger that was killed has the right to hold the owner of the plane responsible for the pilot error that was the cause of the crash. Doing this cannot be done alone, it takes the experience of a Long Beach aviation accident attorney, because the laws that surround this type of crash are not the same as other types of accidents.

When an airplane crash happens due to pilot error it can be devastating and with the help of the experienced aviation accident attorney the negligent party can be held responsible, which in most cases would be the owner of the aircraft, of a pilot that might not have had the proper training or experience.  Contact a Long Beach personal injury lawyer to learn more about airplane crash laws.

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