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Prolotherapy and Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy are on the cutting edge of tissue regeneration therapies in California and other states in the USA. Check out the latest news on these latest pain management techniques.

PRP Article (Continued)

This article is the conclusion of the previous blog post…Although the prolotherapy and prp therapy is being more and more widely used, many doctors are unaware of it, or are skeptical. Even though it can do no harm, and has a very decent rate of success reported by patients, it is not considered mainstream.
Doctors who perform the treatments said PRP and also Prolotherapy report patients often experience relief from joint pain, arthritis, and sprains. It has been reported that the PRP and possibly prolotherapy can permanently cure musculoskeletal pain for 80 to 90 percent of their patients. By the way PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and is used for rotator cuff tear, shoulder arthritis conditions and the like.
When the substantial recovery period and physical therapy needed after surgery are taken into account, Prolotherapy, which can be effective within days, weeks, or months to cure chronic pain, the treatment seems more conservative than radical, more conventional than alternative but has been effective in some cases for shoulder impingement rehab, rotator cuff tear and so forth. All in all, it is showcking the number of doctors who are not aware of PRP and prolotherapy.
Insurance companies say that Prolotherapy is not usually covered because it is considered to be experimental. They contend that a treatment must be shown by conclusive scientific evidence and stamped with government approval before it can be to be offered as a covered benefit.

Prolotherapy Treatments Date Back to Hippocrates

More and more doctors are now using Prolotherapy to provide relief from musculoskeletal pain. The treatment involves injecting a concentrated sugar solution in and around the affected area, as close to the injured tendons and ligaments as possible. The injections irritate the tissues and trigger an inflammatory response, which rushes blood, nutrients and cells called fibroblasts to the area whether in Milwaukee or wherever.

Prolotherapy in some form has been around a very long time. In the fifth century B.C., Hippocrates, the “father of medicine,” treated javelin and discus throwers for shoulder pain by inserting hot needles into the affected muscles. Scar tissue formed, helping to stabilize and heal the area.

From the 1920s, and particularly the 1950s, doctors developed the medical injections treatments as we know them today. Now a concentrated sugar solution, diluted with a local anesthetic is injected with a fine needle in and around the injured area, as close to the tendons and ligaments as possible. I am not sure if there have been many malpractice lawsuit court cases.

The injections aggravate the tissues and produce inflammation, which rushes blood and nutrients and healing cells called fibroblasts to the area. The fibroblasts create collagen fibers that heal and strengthen an injured area. If you are in SoCal then you could find yourself needing a legal firm then this practice is an Orange County medical malpractice and personal injury lawyer legal firm as well as bike accident attorneys in OC southern California the golden state CA:
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All in all, Prolotherapy allows for the creation of the fibers within the affected area because the normal range of movement is not compromised and so the formation of healing tissue is distributed. The fibers are laid down along with the forces of movement, supporting and strengthening the targeted musculoskeletal fibers.