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Motorcycle law is a subset of personal injury law, which is really just tort law, which means you are responsible when you violate accepted standards of behavior and cause a physical, emotional, or monetary type injury to a person or their reputations. If you were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, you will want to research and find out who the very best PI motorcycle lawyers are.

This category will help you research the latest published materials on motorcycle laws, equipment, bikes, safety, and so forth. Learn about motorcycle laws and what to do and who to hire when seriously injured in a motorcyclist versus car collision, or even a single vehicle collision.

Motorcycle Accident Study Findings and What They Mean

Motorcycle accidents are devastating; in most cases the rider is severely injured or sustains fatal injuries. This is why motorcycle accident study finding and what they mean is important for both the experts and the riders. Motorcycle riders everywhere including Long Beach, California enjoy the excitement and freedom riding a bike brings, but in an instant that can all change according to the findings in a motorcycle accident study conducted by the University of Southern California that was funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

This study shows that three-fourths of the motorcycle accidents that occur involve a collision with another vehicle and it will normally be a passenger motor vehicle. In two-thirds of multiple vehicle accidents involving a motorcycle the driver of the vehicle violated the motorcycle right-of –way causing the accident. Roadway defects; potholes, pavement ridges and other defects represented 2 percent of the motorcycle accident findings.

Motorcycle accident study findings and what they mean include rider accident statistics from Long Beach. These accidents leave riders severely injured and in some cases it can even be fatal to the rider and the driver should be held responsible for their negligent act. Holding the driver responsible is done by filing a legal claim against them to recover compensation.

When bringing a legal suit against a negligent driver in Long Beach it is advisable to have an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. They have a complete knowledge of the laws that apply to motorcycle accidents, since this is different than other types of vehicle crashes.

The victim of a motorcycle accident will need time to heal from the severe injuries and this will mean loss of work too. Drivers that believe the motorcycle rider does not need to have the same courtesy that other drivers need, are the ones that motorcyclist are often involved in an accident and this driver needs to be clearly made aware of how dangerous their thoughts about motorcycles are.

The statistics don’t lie and after a collision the motorcycle accident attorney can help sort out the facts and protect the rider’s rights. More motorcycles are registered to rid on the road every year and the statistics go up, because drivers have not changed their thoughts about the bike being on the road.

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